MERCEDES Classe A Sedan (V177) A 180 Business Solution Essential

The model shown may differ from the actual configuration


List price
26.400,- EUR
Fleet discount
10 %


CO2 category
CO2 emission
120 g/km
Every new car that is brought to the market has to comply with specific conditions. For example, the EU imposes conditions on CO2 and NOx emission, hydrocarbons and particulate matter (soot). These parameters are defined in the european emission standards.
Average consumption
5,20 l/100km


Fuel type
Engine displacement
1.332 cc
Engine power
136 hp - 100 kW
Fiscal power
7 hp
Body type
Number of doors
Number of seats
205/60 HR 16
Run-flat tyres
Top speed
216 km/h
Maximum mileage
180.000 km
Did you know that some options positively influence the residual value and so your monthly leasing installment? The options with a positive influence for the selected car type are: metallic paint and airconditioning.
Monthly lease
423,30 EUR
(VAT excluded)

Contractual parameters and optional services

Yearly mileage

10.000 km
The annual mileage is the total number of kilometers the vehicle will drive per year. Along with the duration the annual mileage is a crucial parameter in the leaseprice calculation.


60 months
The duration is the total number of months the vehicle will drive. Along with the annual mileage the duration is a crucial parameter in the leaseprice calculation.


By doing a downpayment you reduce the monthly lease installments (the vehicle net investment being reduced of the downpayment amount). The displayed prices already take into account the downpayment amount you introduced.

Financial product

Service package

Fuel service

When you select the fuel service, you will receive a fuel card that grants you access to all the fuel stations from the by the leasing company selected network in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (Other possibilities available but only in combination with the "Premium" services package)

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Standard equipment (49 items)

Optical elements / Tuning

  • Baguettes de protection latérales noires
  • Ciel de toit en tissu gris
  • Contours des vitres en noir
  • JAV multibranches 6.5Jx16'' ET 44+ 205/60
  • Peinture métallisée
  • Sorties d'air en noir

Comfort / Interior & exterior

  • Climatisation automatique THERMATIC
  • Direction assistée
  • Double porte-gobelets à l'avant
  • Fonction de démarrage sans clé KEYLESS GO
  • Habillage en tissu Tandel noir
  • Kit éclairage et visibilité
  • Tapis de sol (velours)
  • Vitres électriques AR
  • Vitres électriques AV
  • Volant mutifonctions en cuir

Transmission / Suspension

  • Filtre à particules essence
  • Fonction ECO Start/Stop
  • Suspension confort+châssis surbaissé


  • ABS (antiblocage des freins)
  • Active Brake Assist
  • Airbag conducteur
  • Airbag de genoux conducteur
  • Airbag passager
  • Airbags de tête
  • Airbags latéraux
  • Allumage automatique des feux
  • Désactivation automatique de l'airbag passager AV
  • Détecteur de pluie
  • ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
  • Phares halogènes

Audio / Communication / Instruments

  • Assistant de limitation de vitesse
  • Attention Assist (capteur de fatigue)
  • Avertisseur de franchissement de ligne actif
  • Bluetooth
  • Caméra de recul
  • Connexion USB-C dans la console centrale arrière
  • Connexion USB-C dans le compartiment de rangement
  • DAB - Tuner radio digital
  • Keyless Start
  • Kit de stationnement
  • Live Traffic Information
  • Mercedes-Benz navigation
  • Remote Services
  • Système de surveillance de la pression des pneus.
  • Système multimedia MBUX
  • Tempomat & Speedtronic
  • Touchpad

Add more accessories

If you order an accessory, your car will be delivered including the accessory. In this case, we are owner of this accessory and therefore, at the end of the contract, the car has to be returned including the accessory. To add an accessory, please select first the type of accessory and fill in the correct price. The price of an accessory should be requested upfront from the dealer. Do you wish to retain the accessory after the contract, order the accessory directly from the dealer and leave this field blank.

Add more packs and options

Option packs
Business Solution ESSENTIAL+
1.400,- EUR
  • Sièges AV chauffants
  • Kit rétroviseurs: rétros int.&ext.G.J/N+rabat.
  • Ecran combiné d’instruments entièrement numérique
  • Ecran multimedia 10.25''
Audio / Communication / Instruments
Avertisseur d'angle mort
450,- EUR
Intégration smartphone
300,- EUR
Comfort / Interior & exterior
Toit coulissant panoramique
940,- EUR
Load / Tow / Transport
Dispositif d'attelage et ESP
800,- EUR
Optical elements / Tuning
Peinture non métallisée
Peinture rouge vif patagonia designo
360,- EUR
Kit antivol Urban Guard Vehicle Protection Plus
640,- EUR
Projecteurs LED hautes performances
830,- EUR