VOLKSWAGEN GOLF VIII 1.4 Plug-in-hybrid Gte Dsg


      List price
      36.675,21 EUR
      Fleet discount
      0 %


      CO2 category (WLTP)
      CO2 emission (WLTP)
      25 g/km
      Every new car that is brought to the market has to comply with specific conditions. For example, the EU imposes conditions on CO2 and NOx emission, hydrocarbons and particulate matter (soot). These parameters are defined in the european emission standards.
      Average consumption
      1,10 l/100km
      Electric consumption
      14,60 kWh/100km


      Energy type
      Hybrid (Petrol)
      Engine displacement
      1.395 cc
      Engine power
      150 hp - 110 kW
      Battery capacity
      12,40 kWh
      Battery range
      64 km
      Fiscal power
      0 hp
      Body type
      Number of doors
      Number of seats
      225/45 R 17 91 W
      Run-flat tyres
      Top speed
      0 km/h
      Maximum mileage
      180.000 km
      Did you know that some options positively influence the residual value and so your monthly leasing installment? The options with a positive influence for the selected car type are: metallic paint and airconditioning.
      Monthly lease
      715,10 EUR
      (VAT excluded)

      Contractual parameters and optional services

      Yearly mileage

      10.000 km
      The annual mileage is the total number of kilometers the vehicle will drive per year. Along with the duration the annual mileage is a crucial parameter in the leaseprice calculation.


      60 months
      The duration is the total number of months the vehicle will drive. Along with the annual mileage the duration is a crucial parameter in the leaseprice calculation.


      0 EUR
      By doing a downpayment you reduce the monthly lease installments (the vehicle net investment being reduced of the downpayment amount). The displayed prices already take into account the downpayment amount you introduced.

      Financial product

      Service package

      Energy service

      When you select the energy service, you will receive a card that gives you access to all the enery supply sites of the designed partners (mentioned on the final quotation).

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      Standard equipment (55 items)


      • Headlight control systems: dusk sensor
      • LED low beam LED high beam headlights

      Hybrid and electric systems

      • Active/combined hybrid
      • Plug-in


      • Automatic air conditioning
      • Ventilation system with digital display, micro filter and active carbon filter


      • 1,395 cc engine
      • 12.40 kWh (total) battery
      • Emissions: EU6 D compliant and 38 g/km CO2 (max)
      • Traffic light coding: efficiency label A+


      • Asymmetrically folding rear seats: with ski hatch
      • Driver and passenger seat: sports type
      • Five seats
      • Seat upholstery: cloth


      • Electronic traction control
      • Front-wheel drive
      • Stability control system
      • Transmission: 6-speed dual clutch sequential


      • 40 liter, 10.6 US gallon, 8.8 UK gallon main fuel tank
      • Primary fuel type: electric, Secondary fuel type: unleaded petrol


      • Front and rear tires: 17 inch diameter, 225mm wide, 45% profile, W rated ; Load index: 91
      • Front and rear wheels: 17 inch alloy rims ; width: 7.5 inches


      • Power steering:
      • Steering wheel with touch controls


      • Brake assist system
      • Disc brakes
      • Electronic brake distribution


      • Bluetooth
      • Cruise control
      • Front and rear parking distance system
      • Satellite navigation system


      • Anti collision system
      • Drivers and passengers airbag
      • Euro NCAP crash test results: Overall: 5.0, Adult occupant: 95.0, Child occupant: 89.0, Pedestrian: 76.0, Safety assist: 78.0, Version tested: VW Golf 1.5 petrol Comfortline 5-door HA LHD, Date tested: Dec 18 2019
      • Front and rear side curtain airbags
      • Front side airbag


      • Gloss paint


      • Weights: Curb weight (kg): 1,624, Curb weight (lbs): 3,580


      • Anti-theft protection
      • Power locks:


      • Front and rear power windows
      • Power door mirrors on drivers side and passengers side
      • Rain sensing windshield wipers


      • Audio system ; FM radio
      • Connections for USB (front)
      • Six speakers


      • Mode 2 charging cable
      • WLTP electric energy consumption (combined) BEV/HEV electric energy consumption, WLTP electric energy consumption (combined) HEV Charge Depleting, WLTP electric energy consumption (combined) HEV UF weighted, 146.0 (actual)
      • WLTP electric range - combined cycle: ( HEV All electric range ), WLTP electric range - combined cycle: ( HEV Equivalent All electric range ) 64km
      • WLTP emissions ( HEV Charge Sustaining ), WLTP emissions ( HEV Charge Depleting ), WLTP emissions ( HEV UF Weighted ) 25.8g/km CO2


      • Fuel consumption (combined): ECE 99/100 ; Source: Euro 6, fuel consumption (combined): WLTP HEV Charge Sustaining, fuel consumption (combined): WLTP HEV Charge Depleting, fuel consumption (combined): WLTP HEV UF Weighted, 1.1 l/100km (actual), 257 mpg (actual UK), 214 mpg (actual US)
      • Fuel economy on secondary fuel type: 1.7 l/100km (combined) and 138
      • Power consumption: 12.4 kWh/100km (combined)
      • Power from secondary fuel: 150 hp, 110 kW
      • Power: 180 kW , 245 HP 110 hp/ps from electric motor and 80 kW electric motor

      Selected options, packs and accessories

      Exterior color
      Interior color
      Delivery cost + legal kit

      Add more accessories

      If you order an accessory, your car will be delivered including the accessory. In this case, we are owner of this accessory and therefore, at the end of the contract, the car has to be returned including the accessory. To add an accessory, please select first the type of accessory and fill in the correct price. The price of an accessory should be requested upfront from the dealer. Do you wish to retain the accessory after the contract, order the accessory directly from the dealer and leave this field blank.

      Add more packs and options

      Option packs
      "Light and Visibility" package, incl. "Light Assist"
      123,08 EUR
      • Headlight control systems: dusk sensor and on-coming vehicle sensor
      • Light sensitive rear view mirror
      • Rain sensing windshield wipers
      Driving assistance package incl. "Travel Assist" and "Emergency Assist"
      548,72 EUR
      • Lane departure warning system activates steering
      • Electrically foldable mirrors
      • Level 2 - partial automation autonomous drive includes lane following
      • Multi-functional camera
      • "Emergency Assist"
      Winter Pack
      358,12 EUR
      • Headlight cleaners
      • Heated washer
      • Low washer fluid level warning
      • Driver and passenger seat: heated
      Winter pack Premium, incl. auxiliary heater
      558,97 EUR
      • Auxiliary heater: independent burner with timer
      • Rear seats: heated
      • Winter Pack [WW1]
        • Headlight cleaners
        • Heated washer
        • Low washer fluid level warning
        • Driver and passenger seat: heated
      Exterior color
      Atlantic blue metallic
      Deep black pearl
      Dolphin grey metallic
      Kings red metallic
      Moonstone grey gloss
      Oryx white matt
      Pure white gloss
      Reflexive silver metallic
      Urano grey gloss
      Interior color
      Soul Black Scale Paper cloth
      Soul Black Vienna leather
      Body Exterior
      Swivelling trailer hook
      697,44 EUR
      Navigational system "Discover Pro" incl. "Streaming & Internet"
      552,14 EUR
      Park Assist incl. Park Pilot
      172,65 EUR
      Rear camera "Rear View''
      259,83 EUR
      Telephone interface "Comfort" with inductive charging function
      369,23 EUR
      556,41 EUR
      Front fog lights, incl. kerb illumination
      290,60 EUR
      IQ.LIGHT - LED Matrix headlights
      773,50 EUR
      Anti-theft system
      271,79 EUR
      Non Coded Item
      Mode 3 Typ 2, 16 A, cable for AC charging station
      119,66 EUR
      Option voucher Fleet A (from 15/09/2022 valid until 31/12/2022)
      -1.709,40 EUR
      Preparation for mobile key, for vehicle access via smartphone
      183,76 EUR
      Black Style Pack
      279,49 EUR
      Metallic paint
      484,62 EUR
      Pearl paint
      484,62 EUR
      Pearl paint Deep black
      812,82 EUR
      Pearl paint Onyx white
      812,82 EUR
      Special paint - Moonstone Grey
      263,25 EUR
      Special paint Kings red / Lapiz Blue
      603,42 EUR
      Panoramic sunroof
      855,56 EUR
      "Side Assist", Parking assistant and exit warning
      350,43 EUR
      Proactive passenger protection system with ''Front assist''
      123,08 EUR
      Proactive passenger protection system with ''Front assist'' and ''Side Assist''
      123,08 EUR
      Proactive passenger protection system, rear side airbags
      298,29 EUR
      Proactive passenger protection system, rear side airbags
      422,22 EUR
      Vienna leather with top sport seats
      1.974,36 EUR
      Heated multi-functional three-spoke leather trimmed steering wheel, DSG gear change controls
      108,55 EUR
      Responsive suspension DCC
      686,32 EUR
      Auxiliary heating
      1.359,83 EUR
      Warranty extension 1 year/30.000km
      208,55 EUR
      Warranty extension 1 year/60.000km
      237,61 EUR
      Warranty extension 1 year/90.000km
      299,15 EUR
      Warranty extension 2 year/120.000km
      638,46 EUR
      Warranty extension 2 year/40.000km
      450,43 EUR
      Warranty extension 2 year/80.000km
      515,38 EUR
      Warranty extension 3 year/100.000km
      884,62 EUR
      Warranty extension 3 year/150.000km
      1.104,27 EUR
      Warranty extension 3 year/50.000km
      782,05 EUR
      18" alloy wheels "Bergamo", glossy black, tyres 225/40 with sport dynamic
      520,51 EUR
      7.5x18 "Bakersfield" alloy wheels, 225/40 tyres
      520,51 EUR